Dr. Patrick Briggs Reveals Important Considerations Before Getting A Breast Implant

Breast augmentation is among the most popular type of cosmetic surgical procedure. More and more women are getting this kind of service as a way to improve their looks, make them feel sexier and more confident. Just like any type of surgery, you need to consider several things before you get a breast implant from Dr. Patrick Briggs. Some of the most crucial ones are listed below.

First And Last

For some their first breast augmentation may also be their last. However, there are others who will eventually undergo a similar procedure as time goes by. A few of the reasons why they might request for another surgery include leaks, scar shells, deformation, or a need for new implants due to a change in preferences.


The cost of a breast augmentation procedure varies from one surgeon to another. The total amount that you need to pay will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, facilities, and other medical supplies used. The average total will also depend on the state where you are in, on the doctor, and the patient. Dr. Briggs offers a “Breast Augmentation Complete” package for $9,800. He will do the surgery himself in an accredited medical facility in Subiaco, which means that his patients will have that peace of mind knowing they are in the hands of a true expert. This package also includes the use of Allergan implants, post-operative care, and clothing.

Time Off From Work

Generally speaking, patients who opt to have a breast implant must be prepared to take at least seven days off from work. But, you should also remember that you will not be feeling totally recovered a week. The 7-day time off from work is only for giving your body enough time to adjust and recuperate. Also, this time period is only applicable to women who are not engaged in manual labor. In case they are, a longer time would be required for them to be in good-enough shape to return to work. In addition, a patient who just had an implant behind the muscle may face harder and longer recovery period.

Setting Expectations

You need to remember that silicone breasts feel a lot like natural breasts. However, you should also understand that you would still notice some slight variations. Meanwhile, there is one way for you to help you choose the size that you want to have. You can use sizers, which are neoprene sacks, that you can put in your bra. This will give you an idea as to how your breasts will look like once you get the implants. You also need to be realistic. Keep in mind that you cannot go from a small A size to a DD cup in just a single procedure. Do not worry because Dr. Patrick Briggs will discuss everything related to the procedure, your goals, expectations, and the recovery phase.

Final Points

Dr. Patrick Briggs caters to all potential patients across Australia. He will make a schedule for your consultations and a provisional surgery based on when you can visit his practice in Subiaco, about 10 minutes away from the Perth Central Business District. He will try to determine through communication and GP referral if a person who still need to fly in for a consultation is a good candidate for breast augmentation.